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Carpigiani is a market leader in the production of machinery that produce gourmet gelato, also known as “Italian-Style Ice Cream”. Their outstanding history in high quality solutions for Gelato & Ice Cream manufacturing is coupled with their name and reputation. Together with our technical and service abilities, Carpigiani is able to reach all types of Gelato and Ice Cream outlets in the market.

Castel MAC have a wide range of commercial refrigeration solutions. Their high quality products and solutions developed over the past 40 years are known for their durability, ease of use and simplicity of start up and installation. They have become worldwide leaders in commercial ice manufacturing.

ISA is a leading company specializing in the supply of shop furnishing and professional refrigeration sectors. They deliver highly aesthetic and technologically advanced solutions, which cater to the wide range and needs of pastry shops, ice cream outlets, restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets.

Kuipers is a family owned company that delivers the best snack processing line. Their range includes: pellet snack production lines, coated snacks, potato chips and sticks, corn snacks and much more. Their quick reactions to changing customer requirements is key to their ongoing success.

High quality Cappuccino and Espresso have long been coupled with La Cimbali. Since 1912, La Cimbali has set on a mission to develop highly specialized coffee dispensing solutions. Ever since, the company has held a track record with highly appreciated prizes for their products.

SPM is a family owned producer of beverage dispensing solutions for hotels, bars and coffee shops. Their high level of innovation and quality products, coupled with their vision of re-inventing the beverage dispensing industry in over 90 countries in the world, has built a long standing track record of customer loyalty.

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