Technical Support

As a solutions provider, we at MAWADUNA focus on delivering technical solutions to our customers. Hand in hand with your customers, we start with a vision, and then develop a recipe and a manufacturing process to build and apply solutions that satisfy their needs. Our partners’ expertise and support is a vital part we engage throughout the process en route to reaching our customers’ visions.

Application Labs & Training Seminars

It is our primary goal to enrich the customer with the technical know-how required to deliver their products to the market. When it comes to hands-on trainings and seminars, MAWADUNA’s access to highly technical application labs for Ice Creams, Chocolates, Cheese and Bakery Products, allows the customer to engage in hands-on training and solution development. It is at these application labs that dreams are realized, and reciepies of success are created.


Logistics Support

Time is money; our customers know it, and MAWADUNA realizes it. We offer a wide range of services directly and indirectly; from consignment stock to consolidated shipments and just in time delivery. Our highly skilled logistics team ensures that product reaches our customers’ locations when needed. Followed up and reported during every step of the way, our partners highly value this time-sensitive service that our team is empowered to offer.


Market Updates, Trend Analysis, Future Positioning & Advice

Information is power. The volatility of the market and commodities we deal with is a constant variable for today’s leading manufacturers in the food industry. Our customers value the constant updates and advice with regards to market outlooks on trends and developments. This valuable information provides tremendous support in position-taking and raw material coverage for our partners.


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